Jodeci Milhouse is an American artist and songwriter based out of Arlington, Virginia. With a focus on RnB, Jodeci has been inspired by a range of artists including Tina Turner, Beyonce and Rihanna. Following in the footsteps of her influences, her own aura sports a fierce and empowering drive that is evident through her music and personality. Above all, expect fun and energetic vibes with a strong focus on emotional resilience and individuality. As for her, Jodeci creates to provoke thought, promote joy and to provide entertainment.


Jodeci has notably appeared on stage both alongside and supporting artists such as N.E.R.D, Pharrell Williams, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez and Wale. Her video for ˜Pull Up amassed over 30,000 views across social media, landed a Featured Artist spotlight on Coast 2 Coast Live, and has done the rounds playing for various festivals and conferences across the USA. She was also awarded the 1st Place Prize for Project Muse Music Conference.
Having had her first professional recording experience at age 13, Jodeci Milhouse was bitten by the musical bug early, and has since pursued various forms of artistic expression. She has had a successful career in live performance, and built up a reputation for her dancing in the styles of Tap, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. Jodeci has found herself living and spending time in a number of cultural hotspots around Europe including Italy and Germany. This undoubtedly helped forge a holistic understanding of both people and music, and the way it moves across cultural gaps, transcending language and geographical borders.


With a string of successful EP and single releases and a 2019 US tour for her Manifest and Chill EP, momentum is well and truly on her side. Jodeci is currently setting the wheels in motion for an upcoming EP titled 1993 this December 11th (2020).